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I am still allergic to peanuts and nuts
by MK_Wizard
Get this; a peanut is not really a nut at all. It's a legume.
More importantly, I am still allergic to it along with everything else that really is a nut. It's a bit of an inconvenience, but there are worse things one can be allergic to. At least I'm not allergic to chocolate and hopefully, never will be.
More importantly, I have almost finished the book. I am at the colouring phase now and I will get to work on the remastering of the first three chapters. After that, volume 1 will be sold on Patreon!
Adieu to 2017
by MK_Wizard

So I bid this lovely year adieu.

It started great and it ended great. Not just socially, but also artistically. I was expecting this kind of joy so fast, but it happened and I thank the Lord for it every day. And even at the end, I reached my next greatest milestone, 25 subscribers and that's just on Comic Fury!

Thank for making 2017 great for me. Hope 2018 will be just as awesome.

- Mary

Volume 1 is now for sale March 2018
by MK_Wizard

Hello and sorry

I extended the date because this move is taking up more of my time than I thought it would. So much so that I haven't worked on my comic at all and even right now, I'm sick. The same perks will apply though with the first three chapters being remastered and the inclusion of character refs and such.

Thanks for understanding,


Gertrude Jekyll!
by MK_Wizard


Who knew there was an actual Jekyll in history. She ain't no doctor, but she was quite the artist. Maybe I'll include her in my work someday as a distant relative of (Henry) Jekyll. An aunt maybe? Read about her here


On Hyde "Not being so bad"
by MK_Wizard


This is not something I really hide about Hyde (no pun intended), but to be honest, I'm surprised more people don't play up the idea of Hyde being a different kind of good. I'm not saying he has to be saintly, but it always bored me when people take Hyde and make him into a lout for the sake of making him a lout. I totally get that in the original story, that's what he was, but that's just it. That was the original story. I say make your own. One other interesting take I have seen people play up on terms of dual personalities which I think was done in the old manga Black Jack was that the monstrous insane personality which could be considered as the "Hyde" was in fact the personification of the guy's conscience and the true person who one could call was the "Jekyll" was a serial killer.

Let's stop type casting situations and besides, it's a misconception of opposites. You can be night and day yet both are good/bad. It's dull when you follow rules that don't really exist. Why not have Hyde have some good in him? Why not make Dracula into a hero? Why not make a zombie smart and kind? Why? If it's executed well and the bugs are worked out, go for it. Following stereotypes kills imagination from what I see and the greatest crime in fiction is to lose imagination.


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