Blog - Life is getting busier and busier:

by MK_Wizard
17th Oct 2017, 12:21 AM

Good evening

As the title states, a lot is happening in my life. A lot of good stuff that I wouldn't have any other way, but it's still keeping me busy and I continue to face the challenge of finishing my book. Plus fall is officially here as the leaves have turned into those gorgeous varying shades of red, yellow and orange and the air is crisp. Good thing I've got plenty of sweaters to wear. Plus, it's also Halloween season which is also fun. I already prepared the candy for the neighborhood kids in advance to get one thing on the list done. Now, I've got just 99 other things to do, ha! Well, like the song says "I'm an adult now". And I've got my better half who's back I need to have as he always has my back. Lastly, I have to see what I am going to be for Halloween. I want to be a witch as I always loved witches and wizards in folklore. The question is, which direction should I go in? Mysterious or glamorous?

What say you?