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10,000 already...
by MK_Wizard

And that's not all.

1,500+ visitors and 13 subscribers! It happened all right under my nose. I may not be the most popular webcomic writer, but it's obvious there are people who like my work and thank you to all the people who support me. You encourage me to keep going and believe me. It's not easy. Not when you want your art to go somewhere and above all else, I still have my day job that is near and dear to my heart. Plus personal life and my Halloween side project. You people make me want to finish this and keep going.

Thank you.

I love you heart

I like it, buuuuut...
by MK_Wizard


I always loved mystery novels. Especially ones that involve romance where the main sleuthing character is in a relationship with the cop. I always loved that chemistry, but they do all kind of follow the same trend. The cop is always a man and the sleuth is always a woman (usually divorced if not widowed with a job that involves cooking).

As a woman who LOVES cooking and baking, I love seeing a lady character I identify with (in terms of hobbies only that is), but it would be kind of nice to see a man be the baker and the woman be the cop for a change. At least that's me.


More site updates
by MK_Wizard

Hello there

Here I am giving the site a face lift again. I think it was due because I am actually good at site design so there is no excuse to have a messy and plain site. And I also got some useful advice about presentation and missing details. After some thought though, I decided not to put up a Cast page because I hate spoilers and pages like that tend to be full of them. I will put a Fanart page though. In time. First, I am going to finish the main parts of the site and then update my banner.

Love, Mary

I'm back!
by MK_Wizard


I'm back from a much needed vacation and I am back to doing art. I am currently inking and next, I will do a side project. Hopefully, I can do it all on time. Mainly, my major project (this comic). For those who don't know, I have changed the genre to Fantasy because comedy did not fit the comic. Sure it is funny at times, but it has a more serious element. Just in a different way.

- Love, Mary

I'm been injured!
by MK_Wizard

Well, not majorly mind you.

But enough that I cannot properly hold a pen. I was coring apples and my thumb got hurt. It's nothing serious, but it's bad enough that I have to bandage my thumb until the wound is healed. Good thing I have plenty of buffer and I've already sketched out everything and written the dialogue. Inking won't be hard after that. Moreover, I have to say that for the next two weeks, I will be away so if I am not approving or answering comments, it's because I am away. Rest assured, I will return and ready to do art again.

Keep your thumbs up for my own poor thumb...


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