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I'm back!
by MK_Wizard


I'm back from a much needed vacation and I am back to doing art. I am currently inking and next, I will do a side project. Hopefully, I can do it all on time. Mainly, my major project (this comic). For those who don't know, I have changed the genre to Fantasy because comedy did not fit the comic. Sure it is funny at times, but it has a more serious element. Just in a different way.

- Love, Mary

I'm been injured!
by MK_Wizard

Well, not majorly mind you.

But enough that I cannot properly hold a pen. I was coring apples and my thumb got hurt. It's nothing serious, but it's bad enough that I have to bandage my thumb until the wound is healed. Good thing I have plenty of buffer and I've already sketched out everything and written the dialogue. Inking won't be hard after that. Moreover, I have to say that for the next two weeks, I will be away so if I am not approving or answering comments, it's because I am away. Rest assured, I will return and ready to do art again.

Keep your thumbs up for my own poor thumb...


Well... I caved
by MK_Wizard


Basically, I decided to add ratings to the site. As much as I don't feel they are the end all value of how good your writing is, right now, this is the only place where my works are hosted and if I want my writing to get out there, I need to (an extent) do as the Romans do. If I want to move up the ladder on Comic Fury, I need to make voting possible. Let's see if it changes anything. I guess any open door is good.


Finished sketching all of the book!
by MK_Wizard


It took a heck of a lot of hard work, but the sketchwork and dialogue of the entire book finished from beginning to end. Now all I have to do is ink it, scan it, clean it up and of course colour it. Plus, I redid the first three acts or rather, cleaned them up. I did not redraw. This way, once everything is completed, only the best is shown even if it may not be perfect. I am very elated that I have come so far and my aim is to get a print of this comic started by 2018 so I can move onto the next big project... of course I am not revealing what it is yet. However, if you're wondering about the remastered first three acts, no I will not be putting them up online. Not because I'm mean. It's because I can't give everything away for free. However, I intend to put things the book that you will not find online like concept art, conept ideas and of course notes.

Hope I can get there!


Time to get ready for a publisher
by MK_Wizard


Now that I am close to finishing the book, I have to look for a publisher. It may not be all up at once, but I want to find who can publish it before I finish it so I can just go and do it in one shot. That and I need to make time to remaster the fist three Acts. It's going to be a long road, but I'm almost there!!

- Love Mary

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