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Finished sketching all of the book!
by MK_Wizard


It took a heck of a lot of hard work, but the sketchwork and dialogue of the entire book finished from beginning to end. Now all I have to do is ink it, scan it, clean it up and of course colour it. Plus, I redid the first three acts or rather, cleaned them up. I did not redraw. This way, once everything is completed, only the best is shown even if it may not be perfect. I am very elated that I have come so far and my aim is to get a print of this comic started by 2018 so I can move onto the next big project... of course I am not revealing what it is yet. However, if you're wondering about the remastered first three acts, no I will not be putting them up online. Not because I'm mean. It's because I can't give everything away for free. However, I intend to put things the book that you will not find online like concept art, conept ideas and of course notes.

Hope I can get there!


Time to get ready for a publisher
by MK_Wizard


Now that I am close to finishing the book, I have to look for a publisher. It may not be all up at once, but I want to find who can publish it before I finish it so I can just go and do it in one shot. That and I need to make time to remaster the fist three Acts. It's going to be a long road, but I'm almost there!!

- Love Mary

Reverted to simple style
by MK_Wizard


Due to friendly advice from peers and a critique, I have decided to lose the abundance of details and keep the site simple. I think it is fine the way it is and to leave the comic page as the source of all detail. That and I want to put a better icon for it on Comic Fury. I love the bowtie, but It is not enticing enough. One step at a time... After all, most followings are captured online now.

Love, Mary

Getting near the end behind the scenes
by MK_Wizard

Hi there, but no, the comic you see has just begun!

Behind the scenes, I have gone way further so I have plenty of buffer because stuff always happens. That and I want to get it done before the end of the year. However, I also have decided to take a step further and redo the old pages at least in terms of colouring and cleaning. Not inking. I find having some artistic evolution present in comics gives them some character. Plus, it helps with development of style. However, what is on the site is what you get. The redos will not be posted online. Those will be in the book for purchase when published. Hey, I can't give everything away for free.

With that said, it makes the goal of getting to then end before January 2018 all the more challenging, but I'll take it on. If one does not feel some amount of pressure, you feel no motivation after all.

Wish me luck,

Love, Mary

Almost done and 5K already?!
by MK_Wizard


When I began putting this comic online, I didn't know it would be this fast paced. I've already almost finished sketching the entire thing, I've gotten 5,000 hits and my style is improving all the time. This is so cool!!

My goal is to finish before January.

-Love, Mary

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