Blog - Finished sketching all of the book!:

by MK_Wizard
20th Aug 2017, 10:09 AM


It took a heck of a lot of hard work, but the sketchwork and dialogue of the entire book finished from beginning to end. Now all I have to do is ink it, scan it, clean it up and of course colour it. Plus, I redid the first three acts or rather, cleaned them up. I did not redraw. This way, once everything is completed, only the best is shown even if it may not be perfect. I am very elated that I have come so far and my aim is to get a print of this comic started by 2018 so I can move onto the next big project... of course I am not revealing what it is yet. However, if you're wondering about the remastered first three acts, no I will not be putting them up online. Not because I'm mean. It's because I can't give everything away for free. However, I intend to put things the book that you will not find online like concept art, conept ideas and of course notes.

Hope I can get there!


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